About Us
Dennis and Patricia Lyons are the proud owners of Impatient Creations, Inc.  They began their business about 23 years ago in the basement of their house.  Today they have over 18,000 sq ft on 15 acres and employ over 20 people with lots of talent for restoring cars.  Dennis has always had a passion for cars.  This passion has brought him to the restoration field.  They have restored numerous cars, trucks, motorcycles to airplane pieces and even a cannon once!  Although their specialty is complete restoration, they love to work with the "do it yourself" car builders too.  No job really is too big or too small.  If you are ever in our part of town, please stop by for a tour, they would love to show you around!

Mission Statement:

"We seek to understand our customer's vision so that
we can fulfill that dream with services and products
that exceed their expectations"
We can help with all your car needs from your "drag it in, drive it out" vehicle or your lovingly restored one.  Please check out our website and gallery of projects.  Also, please "like" us on facebook, we have lots of car albums for you to view for your enjoyment!


Where EYE Performance meets HIGH Performance